Monday, September 16, 2013


Record sea ice loss in 2007 had no effect on polar bears, Chukchi study confirms | polarbearscience
The Rode et al. data support the conclusion that differences in spring ice conditions (and associated differences in seal abundance) caused the overall differences in condition amongst Chukchi and Southern Beaufort polar bears and does not support the assumption that the extent of ice in late August/September imposes the strongest limitation on polar bear success.
Wind farm opponents 'living in stone age' as Coalition split exposed - Telegraph
Opponents of wind farms are living in the “Stone Age”, Ed Davey has said, as he declared war on Tory Cabinet colleagues over turbines.
History of wind power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first practical windmills were in use in Sistan, a region in Iran and bordering Afghanistan, at least by the 9th century and possibly as early as the 7th century.

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