Monday, September 16, 2013


Stupid Conspiracy Theorists | Real Science
The President of the US has repeatedly compared climate skeptics to Holocaust deniers, called them flat earthers, and said he has no patience for them. The Secretary of The Interior has said she doesn’t want any climate skeptics working for the government.

These sort of blatant, overt Stalinesque threats from the executive branch of government couldn’t possibly affect the outcome of government funded scientific research. Only a stupid conspiracy theorist would believe anything so ridiculous.
Ask Umbra: Which carbon-offset programs are best? | Grist
Even if you do lots of homework, you’re ultimately just putting your money out there and hoping for the best.
RealClimate: Paleoclimate: The End of the Holocene
If we do not stop this trend very soon, we will not recognize our Earth by the end of this century.
- Bishop Hill blog - The genius of academe
The authors have a bit of a problem though. While they claim to have read Watts up with That and Climate Audit, neither blog is cited in a meaningful way. Similarly, The Hockey Stick Illusion is named in passing, but this blog and Hiding the Decline don't even warrant a mention. Garud and his colleagues have learned about Climategate and global warming sceptics from tomes such as Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand by Haydn Washington and John Cook (cited seven times), J.L. Powell's The Inquisition of Climate Science (cited ten times) and Mann's Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars (seven times).

You can see where this is leading.

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