Monday, September 16, 2013


Experts Predicted Colorado Flash Floods | LiveScience
The Rocky Mountains have long been prone to flash floods. Native Americans warned Boulder's founders of flooding, according to historical accounts. The U.S. Geological Survey has mapped the remnants of ancient flash floods all along the Colorado Front Range, where steep mountain canyons send debris pouring into town, along with the rocks that give Boulder its name.

The last 100-year flood in Boulder was in 1894, so the city was statistically overdue for another disaster. (Note that even though a 100-year flood appears on average once a century, it's possible for two 100-year events to hit in back-to-back years; the term actually refers to the 1 percent chance of the event happening in any given year.) [Via DB]
City Of Fort Collins Claims Of Record Stream Flow Were Due To An Equipment Malfunction | Real Science
The 1,000 year flood claim was just the usual global warming bullshit from NOAA. According to USGS it was a 100 year flood, not a 1,000 year flood.
The New Nostradamus of the North: Danish scientist: Climate change "will provide new opportunities for the Greenlanders"
A bright future is in store for Greenland thanks to climate change:
PR Wars: IPCC fights for relevance, halves warming, claims to be 95% certain of something vaguer « JoNova
We are over the peak. Years late, the IPCC concedes some territory and wears headlines they must hate (“Global warming is just HALF what we said“, “We got it wrong on warming“), but PR still rules, and in the big game, this will quickly spin to a minor bump. It’s a classic technique to release “the bad news” before the main report, to clear the air for the messages the agents want to stick.

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