Monday, September 09, 2013


Polar Bear Blog – Bear Attacks and Sea Ice Debates
Now, I still think that our projections are a bit skewed in the fact that our ‘baseline’ is likely a decade of heavy ice and that if we had ice data extending further back, this decline would likely not seem so drastic. On the other hand, the freak storm from last year did disperse a LOT of multi-year ice, that stuff just is not coming back any time soon – will be interesting to see if that changes the dynamic in the arctic ocean…
Its just a bit funny to watch the same people who reported last year’s record low as proof of global warming – when an anomalous arctic cyclone really had a lot to do with it – now claiming that this increase in ice extent is, itself, an anomaly. And, of course, the other side arguing the opposite… And on it goes.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds South America was warmer & had more severe drought 6,000 years ago in comparison to modern climate
A paper published today in Climate of the Past compiles 120 paleoclimatological datasets from eastern South America and finds the climate was warmer ~6,000 years ago "when compared to the modern climate." The authors also find drought was much more severe, lake levels lower, and vegetation less 6,000 years ago in comparison to modern climate.
Melting: Support for German Green Party down 65% from 2 years ago |
A poll released Thursday found that just 10 percent of Germans intend to vote for the Greens on Sept. 22. It is the lowest survey result for the once popular party since way back in 2009.
Another Global Warming Canary Freezes To Death | Real Science
No Arctic warming for the past eight years, as CO2 has soared past 400 PPM.
White House urged to developed ‘social cost of carbon’ figure in an open, transparent process |
The social cost of carbon is zero — as an open and transparent process would demonstrate.

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