Monday, September 09, 2013


Ice, Ice, Baby — The Patriot Post
If the agenda was based on man-caused global cooling, then you can be sure the Antarctic ice cap would be in the news every day.
maribo: Flying flags of convenience in climate change debates
The goal of the organized sceptic movement* is simply to keep the ship sailing.
A Climate Alarm, Too Muted for Some -
The group has been subjected to attack in recent years by climate skeptics. The intimidation tactics have included abusive language on blogs, comparisons to the Unabomber, e-mail hacking and even occasional death threats.
Obviously, the high estimates are even scarier. So it would be nice to hear an explanation from the drafters of this coming report as to why they made decisions that effectively play up the low-end possibilities. But with the report still officially under wraps, they are not speaking publicly. We are thus left wondering whether it is a matter of pure professional judgment — or whether they have been cowed by the attacks of recent years.

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