Monday, September 30, 2013


IPCC in denial. “Just-so” excuses use ocean heat to hide their failure. « JoNova
Now that the plateau in temperatures has lasted for 15 years, everyone, even IPCC lead authors, can see the “90% certain” models were 98% wrong. So the IPCC now claims the heat went into the deep abyss, which they didn’t predict, can’t measure accurately, and, even by the best estimates we have, has not been anywhere near enough warming to explain the missing energy.
▶ Arctic rowers bring attention to climate change - YouTube
[CBS forgets to mention that the expedition failed because of too much ice] Four men spent 55 days attempting to row across the Northwest Passage to bring attention to climate change.
Twitter / ClimateReality: Peaches, grapes, pie, pastries. ...
Peaches, grapes, pie, pastries. So many of our favorite foods are affected by climate change
Flashback: America has a canine obesity epidemic -

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