Wednesday, September 25, 2013


DailyTech - PopSci Kills Comments; Blames Criticism of Global Warming, Evolution
II. PopSci States That Comments Interfere With Its Ability to "Indoctrinate" Readers

PopSci piece also in a roundabout way suggests it had to revoke its users' commenting rights due to their criticisms of studies on global warming.
Most Texans don’t believe humans are causing global warming | SciGuy | a blog
when asked what is causing global warming, just 44 percent replied that humans are “mostly causing” global warming.
Fairbanks Sees Shortest Summer Thaw Season On Record!
With the early arrival of freezing conditions this month, it should be no surprise that the length of the continuous summer thaw season was the shortest on record in Fairbanks…
Las Vegas Guardian Features Climate Depot: Morano: ’2013 climate events have torn the UN ‘political narrative,’ on the impact of global warming, to shreds’ | Climate Depot
'Marc Morano, former Senate Environment and Public Works staff member, who published Climate Depot. Morano suggests the 2013 climate events have torn the United Nations “political narrative,” on the impact of global warming, to shreds. Morano highlights an expansion in ice formations in both poles, unaffected sea levels, continued global cooling since 2002 and a the absence of global temperature increases over the past 15 years. He also indicates that polar bear numbers are increasing, incidence of wildfires is declining and tornado and hurricanes remain at “record lows.”

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Climate doesn't have events.