Tuesday, September 24, 2013


UN plans summit next year to boost odds of 2015 climate pact - The Hill's E2-Wire
Can adding another big climate conference help rocky United Nations talks reach a binding emissions deal in 2015? United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hopes so.

On Tuesday he invited world leaders to a 2014 “Climate Summit” in New York City aimed at boosting the odds of success in high-stakes final talks in France the following year.
Climate change report will point a finger at humans
This will help "defuse the issue of the supposed hiatus in global warming," which Trenberth says really isn't a hiatus at all.
Will the report have any influence on U.S. policy as it relates to climate change? "Not really," Trenberth predicts. He adds that those who matter in the administration are well informed, but that those in Congress who don't believe in global warming won't budge.
Climate change theories based on 'computer error'... Lord Lawson orders Met Office review | UK | News | Daily Express
PUBLIC money is being wasted on climate change-tackling schemes based on dodgy Met Office figures, an environmental think tank has claimed.
Review & Outlook: Banning Demon Coal - WSJ.com
Next year the EPA will propose a rule to impose vast new anticarbon costs on existing plants in a bid to eliminate what remains of coal power. The target after that will be natural gas, and anything else that emits the demon carbon.
Gore Wrong As Arctic Ice Cap Grows By Million Square Miles In Year - Investors.com
Warm-mongers such as Gore still say it's a question of when and not if. They may be walking on thin ice, but the polar bears are not.

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