Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Twitter / dbiello: so you know how the oceans ...
so you know how the oceans are becoming more acid? here's the thing: we have a hard time tracking that
Twitter / KenCaldeira
@drdrewsteen The cause of ocean acidification has already been diagnosed. It is our CO2 emissions. We need new energy systems.(2/2)
Cameron is at a turning point on climate change - Comment - Voices - The Independent
Mr Cameron has still not delivered a major speech about climate change since he declared that the Coalition would be the “greenest Government ever”.
Drought helped cause Syria’s war. Will climate change bring more like it?
Essentially, you need 20 years of PhD candidates doing research into the area and trying to isolate the various variables at play. So it will take some time to get to a greater level of certainty here and find a statistically significant impact on social unrest. It would be hubris to say that we can precisely disentangle those factors right now, particularly in Syria, where there’s an ongoing conflict, or in Egypt where there’s a great level of instability. It’s hard to study.

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