Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Study: Panda Poo May Be Coup for Future of Biofuels | Climate Central
Harvey Blanch, professor of chemical engineering at the University of California-Berkeley, said he is skeptical that panda gut bacteria could be produced on an industrial scale to increase the efficiency of biomass processing for fuel.
Climate policies worry Calif. farmers more than climate change, study finds - Daily Democrat Online
In Yolo County, 54 percent of farmers responding to the survey accepted that climate change was occurring. Of these, only 35 percent believed humans play a role in climate change.
Climate change: Sea ice, global cooling, and other nonsense
[Warmist Phil Plait] Rose makes this seem like the ice is on a huge rebound, but it’s more like getting a D- after getting an F on a test. Sure, it’s better, but it ain’t necessarily good.  [So who decides what constitutes an A-level amount of Arctic ice?]

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