Tuesday, September 03, 2013


1986 Shock News : Five Degrees Warming Before 2010 – Eight Degrees By 2030 With 4.5 Feet of Sea Level Rise | Real Science

The Very High Price Of NOAA/NASA Data Tampering | Real Science
NOAA and NASA do spectacular amounts of tampering to the US temperature data set, which actually reverses the measured trend. This comes at a very high price.

The history of the country is destroyed
Bad policy is implemented as a result
Children’s educations are wrecked by feeding them intellectual garbage
The economy is damaged by taxes and destructive policies to restrict CO2
Science itself is wrecked. People attempting to interpret the data are trying to draw conclusions based on garbage data. Thus their conclusions are also garbage.

Amazing how a small handful of unscrupulous people can wreak so much havoc.
C3: Admission Of Epic Fail By Mainstream Journalism: 'We Lied, Dangerous Global Warming Does Not Exist'
This 'epic fail' is especially embarrassing since it is entirely due to the mainstream journalists doing nothing more than 'press release' science. Instead, if they analyzed the empirical evidence the way skeptical bloggers do, then the embarrassment would likely be less acute, or not even exist.
Utter insanity:  spending $160b to cut the temperature by 0.00005 degrees | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Topher works out that Labor’s global warming policy would after 10 years cut the world’s temperature by 0.00005 degrees at a cost of $160 billion.

The global warming faith has robbed our politicians of all reason.

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