Monday, September 30, 2013


The Green Socialist Hypocrisy Of Ed Miliband | Tory Aardvark
Ed Miliband’s desperate and transparently pathetic attempt at vote buying with his promised energy price freeze is just another socialist knee jerk neatly packaged in a hard cart and on course for Hades.

So far Miliband’s attempt to cover up his instrumental role in pushing up energy prices has wiped £2 billion of energy company share prices and caused still more uncertainty in the UK energy market, set against the background of Miliband promising to both freeze and tripe energy bills by 2030.
- Bishop Hill blog - Hulme on the IPCC
in Hulme's view the difficulties with the science don't seem to obviate a demand for policy responses to it. This makes it hard to to determine if the science is leading to demands for policy responses or whether it is merely an excuse for them.
Declining Cascades Snow Cover Update | Real Science
George Taylor was fired as Oregon State Climatologist – because he correctly pointed out that Cascades snow cover was not declining.

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