Tuesday, September 17, 2013


What Are The Odds Of The Lottery Being Won This Week? | Real Science
The odds of you winning the lottery are extremely small. The odds of somebody winning the lottery are quite good.

NOAA has adopted the scam of conflating the two statistics...
Ridley’s Riposte to John Abraham | Watts Up With That?
Mr Abraham’s main point is that up to 2 degrees C of warming is likely to do net harm. For this surprising claim, he produces noevidence. None. The evidence suggest the opposite – that less than two degrees of warming will cut excess winter deaths, increase average rainfall, extendgrowing seasons and increase rates of photosynthesis in wild and agricultural ecosystems. “A global warming of less than 2.5°C could have no significant effect on overall food production,” says the UNFCC website.
Grass gets greener : Nature News & Comment
On 13 September, researchers announced that they have bred a tropical pasture grass that can significantly suppress greenhouse-gas emissions.
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: Global Temperature Trends and the IPCC
A difficult question for the climate science community is, how is it that this broad community of researchers -- full of bright and thoughtful people -- allowed intolerant activists who make false claims to certainty to become the public face of the field?

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