Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Reader's view: Irrational climate plan threatens America | Duluth News Tribune
[Tom Harris] Yet the president promotes wind and solar power, the least reliable and most expensive options available. Moving away from coal to wind and solar power because of weather extremes makes about as much sense as a ship captain ordering the crew into lifeboats when a severe storm is approaching. It would be suicide to abandon ship exactly when the protection of a sturdy vessel was most needed. It will also be suicide for America to attempt to replace coal and other base-load energy sources with flimsy alternatives. For all our sakes, please don’t do it, U.S.!
Tony Abbott will doom future generations if he ditches carbon tax | theage.com.au
[David Suzuki] Anyone who understands and cares about the environment and economics will know ditching the carbon tax is not only crazy, it is absolutely suicidal.
Climate change denial: Speak up, speak out.
[Phil Plait] If Kernen thinks 0.04% isn’t a lot, would he drink a glass of water that was 0.04% arsenic?
IPCC models getting mushy | Financial Post
[Ross McKitrick] In the next five years, the global warming paradigm may fall apart if the models prove worthless

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papertiger said...

"Would he drink a glass of water that was 0.04% arsenic?"

The acute minimal lethal dose of arsenic in adults is estimated to be 70 to 200 mg or 1 mg/kg/day.[11]

70mg = 0.000070000kg or 7 ppbillion.

That's the lethal dose for at least some people.

Co2 becomes lethal at 50,000 ppm (the decimal is implied)

So to compare apples to apples you have to take the lethal dose of arsenic to the negative tenth power, or
0.000000000000007000 kg arsenic = 0.04 % atmospheric consentration of Co2.

So the proper question would be "Would he drink a glass of water that was 0.0000000000007% arsenic?"

If he lives in California he already does.

(All lethal dosage and measurements taken from wikipedia)