Thursday, September 12, 2013


NOAA August 2013 – Only 28 Were Warmer Like 1901,1913,1934,1936,1937,1938,1943,1947 etc | sunshine hours
According to the NOAA August 2013 was the 92nd warmest out of 119. That means only 28 were warmer.
Exclusive: UN ruling puts future of UK wind farms in jeopardy - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
Tribunal warns that the Government acted illegally by denying public participation
Alternative Views #385: PREVENTING THE COMING ICE AGE : Frank Morrow
[Via Marc Morano] The greenhouse effect caused by a combination of things, particularly the use of fossil fuels and the destruction of the rain forests, can cause warming of
the planet, followed by a new ice age, according to a documentary. The film also shows scientific opinions that this ice age not only may come upon us
quickly, but may do so soon, perhaps within seven years, with horrible results. The documentary also shows what we can do to counter the disaster.

"Stopping the Coming Ice Age" Copyright 1988
Copyright June, 1989
Warning Signs: The Ethanol Debacle
The government mandated blend of ethanol in every gallon of gasoline is a full-fledged disaster and neither Congress, nor the Environmental Protection Agency shows any indication of either repealing or abandoning it.
Global warming … it’s not warming and now its not global. | ScottishSceptic
When Australia ditches any replacement to Kyoto, the Global Warming scam is dead. Just as there is no warming, it is now absolutely clear there is no international agreement: no global consensus.

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