Saturday, September 14, 2013


Global Warming Targets Put 500 Million People At Risk Of Higher Water Scarcity
Ironically, the energy needed to make water potable or ship it to arid regions will result in greenhouse gas emissions that result in less water, according to a new paper.
BREAKING: IPCC AR5 report to dial back climate sensitivity | Watts Up With That?
[Matt Ridley] A forthcoming report points lowers estimates on global warming
The inconvenient 17-year pause in global warming | South China Morning Post
Much of the difficulty in this debate is to do with the models that scientists use. Most of them don't seem to work, and they don't even work backwards. Maybe the earth and its climate are too complex for current models to handle. That said, Lai See would just like to make it clear that while we believe there are grounds for scepticism over the arguments produced in support of global warming, this does not detract from our belief in the importance of controlling the use of fuels that pollute the air we breathe, which is a different matter.
Peru: Global warming may spell doom for the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystem |
“I could be standing among a group of one tree species and throw a rock completely across their ranges,” says David Lutz, a former postdoctoral associate at Wake Forest, who co-authored the paper with professor of biology Miles Silman.
Monckton on Readfearn: A journalist with a grudge is a mere propagandist « JoNova
The late Michael Crichton, no mean scientist himself, put it best: “If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus.”

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