Saturday, September 14, 2013


Manmade greenhouse warming to date offset by ‘uncertain amount’ of manmade cooling, says National Academy of Sciences |
the warming to date due to greenhouse gas increases has been partially compensated by an uncertain amount of cooling caused by human-induced enhancement of light scattering by aerosols and by their effect on clouds; this compensation has been estimated to be from 20 to 70 percent (with 90 percent confidence) based on a range of observational and model-based studies (IPCC, 2007d).
- Bishop Hill blog - Please, please, believe
And therein lies the problem. The models have failed, utterly, completely and catastrophicly to predict the halt in temperature rises. That we should then be expected to accept "even greater confidence" about conclusions drawn from them is risible nonsense. This kind of spin is exactly the kind of thing one has come to expect from government chief scientific advisers and the climate establishment and is precisely why people are distrustful of their public utterances.
A Terrifying View Of Joe Romm’s Permanent Southwest Drought | Real Science
Only 16 inches of rain in the Utah desert this week.
Scientific American Says Boulder Is “Drought-Stricken” | Real Science
Most of my kid’s soccer practices and several games were cancelled this spring due to endless cold and snow, which lasted for the entire spring season.

Scientific American should be banned using either of the words in their name. You just can’t make up stupid and dishonest like the climate alarmist community.

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