Monday, September 02, 2013


Alaska: Record Cold in the Northern Interior
Most notably, Bettles recorded a low of 15ºF Saturday morning. This is by far the lowest temperature of record at Bettles in August. The previous record at the Bettles in August was 22ºF on August 30, 1969. At old Bettles, about four miles downriver from the current townsite, a low of 20ºF was measured on August 24, 1948.
Twitter / GregNordstrom: 78 years ago today, the strongest ...
78 years ago today, the strongest hurricane in recorded US history struck the Florida Keys. 185mph sustained winds (gusts well over 200mph),
EU Flying Tax – The Return Of The Green Albatross | Tory Aardvark
The financially weak European Union cannot afford a trade war with the rest of the world, the most likely outcome when ICAO fails to reach an agreement on anything, is that either an extremely diluted version of the Green flying tax will be implemented, or more sensibly the whole stupid idea will be consigned to the trash can of Green history.
Could humans cause another Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum?
“Although the future ocean will begin to resemble the past greenhouse world, it will retain elements of the present “icehouse” world long into the future”, Norris and colleagues warn.

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