Friday, September 27, 2013


The Reference Frame: IPCC AR5 WG1 report out: a non-event
Needless to say, the conventional length "30 years" where climatology begins is something that people just made up. It's deliberately chosen to be comparable to the length of a human productive life – or a career. So whatever one accumulates during his career may be used as a "climatology" which may differ from the "climatology" of the previous generations or previous 30-year-long intervals. But there doesn't really exist any physical rather than anthropological evidence – any justifiable calculation – that 30 years is the right value of the critical time scale at which the climate becomes predictable or something like that. Nothing qualitative is changing at that timescale. The variations of temperatures are affected by tons of processes whose typical timescales cover pretty much everything from split seconds to billions of years.
How warmists cost us billions | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The price of global warming alarmism is enormous. Take the cost of the mothballed desalination plants, built after warmists persuaded politicians the rains would dry up
Humans 'clearly' main cause of global warming, scientists | World | News | Toronto Sun
[Toronto Sun poll: 28% think mankind is the main reason for global warming]

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