Friday, September 27, 2013


Why Only I Can Solve Global Warming | Power Line
Arguably, the climate-energy paradox is a bigger problem for the Left than the Right. One cannot logically claim that carbon emissions pose a catastrophic threat to human civilization and then oppose the only two technologies capable of immediately and significantly reducing them. And yet this is precisely the position of Al Gore, Bill McKibben, the Sierra Club, NRDC, and the bulk of the environmental movement.
Inhofe dismisses report on climate change | Tulsa World
In anticipation of the report, Inhofe filed legislation Thursday that would bar the United States from participating in international climate negotiations unless the panel's report is amended to say it's findings are "unproven scientific theory."
Hearing What You Want to Hear from the Climate Report | Coyote Blog
The IPCC does claim more confidence that warming over the past 60 years is partly or mostly due to man (I have not yet seen the exact wording they landed on), from 90% to 95%. But this is odd given that the warming all came from 1978 to 1998 (see for yourself in temperature data about halfway through this post). Temperatures are flat or cooling for the other 40 years of the period. The IPCC cannot explain these 40 years of no warming in the context of high temperature sensitivities to CO2. And, they can't explain why they can be 95% confident of what drove temperatures in the 20 year period of 1978-1998 but simultaneously have no clue what drove temperatures in the other years.
Is the IPCC right on climate change? Just ask the world's farmers | John Vidal | Global development |
We used to have very stable rainfall that was adequate and non-erosive. These days no one knows when to plant crops. When rains come, they are either too little for planting or too heavy

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