Monday, September 23, 2013


Global Warming 'Slowdown'? Scientists Say Recent Temperature Flattening Isn't Sign Of Cooler Times
“By most reasonable measures -- last year having been the warmest on record for the U.S., the last decade having been the warmest on the record for globe, and Arctic sea ice declining far faster than any climate models predicted it [to] -- we are either on, or ahead of schedule, with regard to model predictions of the overall impacts of human-caused climate change,” Mann said.
Gorge on climate change denial, just make sure you know it's poison - Comment - Voices - The Independent
I had what some practised dieters call a ‘cheat day’ the other evening. I binged, I gorged, I guzzled. After years of trying to restrain myself and not read stories that deny or poke fun at climate change, I browsed a ton of them. It was pretty decadent.

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