Monday, September 23, 2013

Question for the IPCC: Are you going to publish the AR5 comments in a user-friendly form? It looks like the AR4 comments were deliberately made "as-impenetrable-as-possible"

If the IPCC truly doesn't have anything to hide, they should publish the comments as text that we can easily search and copy/paste.

Sequence 1 (Page 1): Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Papers; IPCC Fourth Assessment Report Papers: Working Group I, The Physical Science Basis of Climate Change, 2005-2007; Expert and Government Review Comments on the Second-Order Draft, Chapter 9. ESPP IPCCAR4WG1. Environmental Science and Public Policy Archives. Harvard College Library, Cambridge, Mass. Harvard University Library PDS
[Seriously, click the link above and take a look at the format for these AR4 comments]
Flashback: Gavin Schmidt on ideal ways to communicate climate science
Gavin: Frankly, I would simply put the whole CRU database (in an as-impenetrable-as-possible form) up on the web site along with a brief history of it's provenance (and the role of the NMSs) and be done with it.

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