Friday, September 20, 2013


Thoughts on what end for Global Warming? | ScottishSceptic
Watching the global warming scam end is a bit like watching paint dry. It really doesn’t look like anything is happening until something inconceivable happens like Black (BBC) and Hansen(NASA) being invited to spend “more time with the environment”.
IPCC: May have to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2100 |
It would mean an average global emission cut of 50 per cent by mid-century on 1990 levels, and possibly require removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2100.
Joe Bast, Willie Soon talking ‘Climate Change Reconsidered’ on Fox News | Somewhat Reasonable
At one point in the program I’m shown laughing because Dr. Soon (who is a brilliant astrophysicist and very entertaining guy) was doing a riff on how ridiculous it is for the IPCC to claim to be ever-more confident in its predictions, even as every climate model it relies on FAILED to predict the 16-year lull in warming.

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