Friday, September 20, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Review paper finds biosphere productivity of the Arctic is thriving due to CO2 fertilization and warming
A new review paper by SPPI and CO2 Science finds "Land-based plants of the Arctic and near-Arctic regions of North America are not headed down the road of environmental degradation and toward extinction, but are thriving, thanks in large part to the ongoing rise in the atmosphere's CO2 concentration and global warming."
Worry over no wind, sun in October sends German power prices soaring |
If there is a lack of wind in October then prices could really rise, especially if it is cold,” Daniel Juul Jensen, a senior trader at Danske Commodities A/S, said yesterday by phone from Aarhus, Denmark. “People are a bit afraid of no wind and no solar next month.”
Fossil Sea Ice | Real Science
One of the more bizarre misconceptions in the alarmist community is that there used to be a lot of very old sea ice in the Arctic.

Arctic sea ice rarely lasts much more than about five years
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: How the IPCC hides the 20 year halt in global warming & exaggerates 20th century warming
A new paper from SPPI & Christopher Monckton demonstrates how the IPCC et al hides the halt in global warming over the past 20 years by using decadal averages instead of showing the monthly satellite data, "a meme that has become a favorite with the apologists for Apocalypse: the most recent decade was warmer than earlier decades, so global warming is still getting worse."
Column - Sacked Tim Flannery should give us a refund | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Thank Flannery? Hunt should instead have asked Flannery how much of his $180,000 a year salary he’d refund after getting so many predictions wrong.

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