Friday, September 20, 2013


Climate Scientists Spend A Day At The Race Track | Real Science
The hockey team recently spent a day at the race track. They used their government grants to purchase win-place-show tickets for every horse entered in every race.
You genuinely have to be an idiot to think that Arctic sea ice is recovering – Telegraph Blogs
This is exactly the same as thinking a mild day in November means that winter has been averted. These people are either stupid or duplicitous.
Time to Act on Climate Change | Gina McCarthy
Without these steps we will continue to pay an ever-increasing price for climate impacts.
Successful House Climate Hearings…Rep. McKinley: Denying The Poor Affordable Energy Is “An Abuse Of Authority”
Please take this message back to your agencies: This President must not prevent people around the globe from obtaining affordable, dependable energy; and threatening American workers and businesses with the loss of affordable energy from coal and natural gas is not an acceptable energy policy. Crushing America’s economy to reduce CO2 by 0.2% is an abuse of this Administration’s authority.”

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