Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Polar Bear Blog – Time to Move Out or In
Pregnant bears need to weigh 650lbs or more for implantation to occur, otherwise the egg will just be reabsorbed. Early in bear season (first week of Oct), you often run into a very obese bear whose pregnancy didn’t ‘take’ for some reason – radio collar, cough cough…
Polar bear tours in Kaktovik Alaska are well underway, with up to fifty bears reported feasting on the bowhead whale carcass.
Came across some news about the bears in Southern Hudson Bay, looks like some of them are finding ways to hunt bearded seals in the ice-free season – whether this means that bearded seals are drastically over-populated or moving into coastal creeks or just a few bears have ‘clued in’, who knows… pretty interesting though.
That’s about it for today… Here is a quick chart of historic ice cover for Hudson Bay for the first week of September.
Pretty neat how variable it has been although two things stand out – again, this supports my El Chichon volcano theory (1983 being a serious outlier) and shows how excluding the effects of that volcano really does skew the decline in sea ice. Volcanoes have a major effect on the (kind of) closed system of Hudson Bay. Without excluding the data from the Mount Pinatubo eruption, there was actually no statistically significant decline in sea ice when we started sounding the alarm. We excluded that one, why did we leave in the other major eruptions? I mean the decline is something serious but not nearly as drastic as we make it out to be.
Romantic Germany risks economic decline as green dream spoils - Telegraph
Germany is committing slow economic suicide. It has staked its future on heavy industry and manufacturing, yet has no energy policy to back this up.
▶ Nigel Farage offers Barroso some cooling news - YouTube
[Nigel Farage MEP] We may have made one of the biggest stupidest collective mistakes in history by getting so worrying about global warming.

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