Wednesday, September 11, 2013


IPCC and the end of summer « Climate Audit
Their section on the tropics is also curious: in the Zero Order Draft, they had observed that there was “nothing unusual” about recent drought or floods in a 1000-year context. At the time, I thought that there was zero chance that this (true) observation would survive the editorial slant.
EPA chief to play race card in global warming debate |
Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson had declared environmental justice a priority, tasking officials with creating a plan that integrates environmental justice considerations into every agency action. But today, McCarthy brought that vision further, pledging to “build it as a core structure of all the work we do.”
Sign from coal CEO: ‘Save America Impeach Obama’ — Appalachian coal production down 43% since 2008 |
Murray said that President Barack Obama actions “are a human issue to me, as I know the names of many of the Americans whose jobs and family livelihoods are being destroyed as he appeases his radical environmentalist, unionist, liberal elitist, Hollywood character and other constituents,” Murray said, then added of the Murray Energy Corp., coal miners who have lost their jobs: “These folks are my employees,” he said.
The Climate Science Capitulation Begins…Hans von Storch: “We Definitely Have Seen Less Warming Than Expected”
The Earth has warmed considerably less than expected over the past 15 years days, says Hans von Storch. That may be due to an unforeseeable climate variability, or that CO2′s effect as a greenhouse gas was over-estimated, so says the meteorologist of the Coastal Research Institute.

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