Wednesday, September 11, 2013


BBC Grasping At Straws As The Scam Sinks | Real Science
Wait until they see next year’s map! Most of the Beaufort Sea is already full of thick ice, and winter is just starting. The Arctic is about to get very ugly for alarmists.
Fresh off missing the 17-year ‘pause,’ warmists prepare to sell ‘climate services’ to organizations so they can prepare for climate change |
The authors expect the research to be of great value for ‘climate services’, the provision of information which helps organisations prepare for a climate which is already different from the past and will inevitably change more in the future. The World Meteorological Organisation and many national organisations, such as the UK Met Office, are investing substantially in the provision of such information.
Not Significantly Different From Zero | The Resilient Earth
It is no mystery, climate science is too immature to make realistic predictions. The first thing any scientist must realize it that what we think we know is insignificant compared with what remains to be discovered about nature. Forget that lesson and hubris will lead you astray, you might even start believing that your computer models are reality. It has been said many times—but evidently not at IPCC meetings—when science and nature disagree, nature wins. As Professor Bell puts it “so maybe the models are broke…not the climate after all!”
1940 Shock News : Greenland Glacial Melt “Nearing A Catastrophe” | Real Science
Fortunately, NASA has recently erased the 1940 warm period in that region, retroactively saving the glaciers.

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