Friday, September 20, 2013


Romm Envisions The Arctic Ice Cap On Fire | Real Science
The Arctic just had its coldest summer on record.
Screaming Arctic To Be Ice-Free By 2012 | Real Science

- Bishop Hill blog - Robbins in the minefield
Generations of our finest minds! What planet is this guy on? Climatology was an academic backwater until global warming came along to save it. This is the field that propelled Phil "how do you work Excel again" Jones to the top. The field that cleared Mann's hockey stick for takeoff, promoted it to the heavens, and then defended it to the death when it emerged that it used an ad-hoc statistical procedure that didn't hold water and data that everyone agreed was unsuitable. This, ladies and gentlemen was the field in which a blatantly incorrect Bayesian approach was ubiquitous and in which even papers that did things correctly were rewritten by the powers that be on the incorrect basis!

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