Friday, September 06, 2013


Feel climate change to act on it |
A 2007 survey done by the UN Development Programme found that 54 per cent of Americans advocate a ‘wait and see’ approach to climate change action, holding off on the deep and rapid cuts in global warming that would immediately impact their lives. Similar majorities were found in Russia, China and India.
Billionaire enviro Steyer gives [another] $500K to defeat Cuccinelli for VA Gov. |
Tom Steyer — a San Francisco-based financier who previously put $400,000 behind an ad attacking Cuccinelli for his legal efforts against then-University of Virginia climate researcher Michael Mann — is upping the stakes
Indian Droughts Declined As World Warmed | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
As far as India is concerned, global warming brings less drought, not more.

Will NOAA mention this in their next report on extreme weather? I would not hold your breath.
Consensus Shmensus
In the Legates team’s press release, co-author Christopher Monckton cheerfully concedes that ”more than 0.3% of climate scientists think Man caused at least half the warming since 1950.” Nonetheless, he observes, ”only 0.3% of almost 12,000 published papers say so explicitly,” and ”It is unscientific to assume that most scientists believe what they have neither said nor written.

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