Monday, September 09, 2013


Meteorologists Point To Signs Of Another Upcoming “Nasty Winter For Europe” – Would Be Spectacular Sixth In A Row!
If this forecast (fraught with uncertainty) should pan out out to be true, then it would be a record six colder-than-normal winters in a row for Europe. You just couldn’t drift further away from global warming. Six in a row would be nothing short of spectacular. Such a long, protracted winter as described above would make it one of the worst in 100 years.
Richard Windsor Lawyer: ‘She has engaged in no wrongdoing of any kind’ |
Politico reports on the appearance of Richard Windsor (aka Lisa Jackson) before the House Oversight and Government Committee:
How and why great news about Chukchi polar bears has been suppressed | polarbearscience
The Rode et al. Chukchi paper is strong evidence that their predictions of a grim future for polar bears – based on theoretical responses to summer sea ice declines that should already be apparent – have been refuted by their own studies. It’s no wonder they want to keep the media away from this story.
City of Winnipeg tries to tackle $11.2M deficit - Manitoba - CBC News
The City of Winnipeg has an $11.2-million deficit and is blaming all the white stuff from last winter for the red ink.

Winnipeggers dug out from the largest amount of snow in 15 years but the city is still working on getting itself out from under the weight of its snow-clearing costs.

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