Monday, September 09, 2013


Teaching Climate Change To Skeptics - Forbes
“First, I point to data that shows a strong correlation between human activity and CO2 levels, using extremely precise readings over the past five decades and data from Antarctic ice cores going back hundreds of thousands of years. The data suggests that CO2 levels began rising after the Industrial Revolution and continue rising till today. Sometimes the pushback I get then is that ‘this is still just a correlation.’ My second argument is to then ask whether the correlation is persuasive enough to at least want to buy an insurance policy against the possibility that it is actually causal. That is, even if you believe there is an 80 percent chance climate change is not man-made, the dramatic consequences if indeed it is man-made may be worth trying to do something about it.”
XPRIZE Spurs Innovators to Tackle Climate Change's Evil Twin: Ocean Acidification | Frances Beinecke
Bob Rheault of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Associations is very concerned about acidification, and he wonders: "Can we evolve quickly enough to allow my grandchildren to enjoy shellfish?"
Earth is warming up but not as rapidly as predicted - The Hindu
the facts do not take away from the reality of anthropogenic climate change. They instead suggest that the understanding of the emissions-temperatures-nature linkages is being revised and that the level of urgency or seriousness of the issue is being revisited by science as well as policymakers.
Organization aims to help break world record - News - The Prospector - University of Texas at El Paso
The UTEP College Republicans sought to help break the world record for the largest simultaneous film premiere last Sunday. The group, along with members of the community, gathered at Blumberg Auditorium to watch a screening of the film "Not Evil Just Wrong."

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