Monday, September 09, 2013


Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: The spiking of the ball at ...
The spiking of the ball at halftime of hurricane season may come back to Leon Lett people. Lets not get too cocky, pattern getting active
New Film Shows Hans Schellnhuber Claiming “Himalayan 2035 Glacier Melt Was “Very Easy To Calculate”
The creator of the above video, Rainer Hoffmann, had spent three months researching past statements made by Schellnhuber. The result is a 10-part series called: The 10 Inconvenient Truths of Climate Pope Hans Schellnhuber. It exposes a number of troubling, contradictory statements made by the Potsdam Institute director over the past years.
Billionaire enviro launches $1 million ad campaign against Keystone XL jobs and wealth creation — I got mine, screw you, buddy! |
Billionaire climate change activist Tom Steyer is launching a four-part, $1 million ad buy that attacks the proposed Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.
The Climate-Grain Production Relationship Quantified | Watts Up With That?
A return to the climatic conditions of the Dalton Minimum is likely to take Russia, Kazakhstan and the European Union out of the export market. The other countries will have some reduction in wheat available for export. Colder is also drier and thus a number of major grain producers such as India and China, currently largely self-sufficient, will experience shortfalls from their requirements.

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