Monday, September 09, 2013


Did global warming cause a Florida dengue outbreak — the Bill McKibben-Steve Milloy Twitter debate |
Bottom line: the Florida dengue epidemic was most likely caused by a traveler who brought dengue into Florida. The traveler was then bitten by a mosquito, which became infected and then transmitted the virus to other people.
Bring it on: Nanny Bloomberg, billionaire enviro Steyer, Hank ‘Mr. TARP’ Paulson to launch global warming push |
Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer are well-known billionaire activists.
Frackers’ “Eat Me Last” Gambit: Our CO2 is part of the solution to global warming! |
The Guardian reports on UK energy and climate minister Ed Davey’s lame effort to espouse the fracking industry’s “Our CO2 is OK” line
Twitter / Foxgoose: RSPB #GreenLoonies plan wind ...
RSPB plan wind turbine on bird reserve -"fighting change by chopping up birds is fine by us"
UK urged to back EU biofuels cap | Environment | The Guardian
Britain must support proposed legislation curbing use of fuel that contributes to world hunger and climate change, argue charities

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