Friday, September 13, 2013


Denying the "Denier" Label - Evolution News & Views
You get the picture. Anyone who so much as questions what the NCSE has determined to be established science is a "denier." It does not matter how well reasoned or scientifically sound your arguments might be. If they challenge the dogma, then you've made the list, buddy. You're a denier!
Theatre in a giant Emmental powered by exercise bikes – why ever not? | Guardian Professional
'Our' Cheese is powered by energy generated in local gyms on modified exercise bikes; people get money off their ticket to the show in return for their energy contribution.
There may well be a point in the evening when the power runs out – it all depends on how much people have pedalled that day. We warn the audience about this at the start, and the frame-world means the resulting switchover to a back-up system becomes part of the storytelling, a factor in a system that's breaking down.
Finding a Better Message onThe Risks of Climate Change by Diane Toomey: Yale Environment 360
Kahan: Once you have an issue that has become a signifier of your membership in and loyalty to the group, then making a mistake about that can be really costly to your membership in that group. If I marched around [the Yale] campus with a sign that said, “Climate change is a hoax,” even though I have tenure, my life wouldn’t be as good as it is.
Madcap: Deniers latch onto larger ice sheet | Politics Blog | The Bellingham Herald
"The overall trend is downward, and it will continue to do so," Mark Serreze was quoted saying in the story. Serreze is director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Hartmann said in an email on Wednesday, Sept. 11, "2013 is back near the norm of the past decade.
Monday Meltdown |
[Warmist Paul Douglas] A long range weather forecast is more of a horoscope than a credible prediction to be taken seriously. The skill just isn't there yet.

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