Friday, September 13, 2013


Unprecedented rate and scale of ocean acidification found in the Arctic
"In the Arctic, where multi-year sea ice has been receding, we see that the dilution of seawater with melted sea ice adds fuel to the fire of ocean acidification" according to co-author, and co-project chief, Jonathan Wynn, a geologist from the University of the South Florida.
Twitter / AGW_Prof: In the courts, human-caused ...
In the courts, human-caused is settled fact.
New colour purple depicts worsening climate risks in UN draft report - Reuters News - Point Carbon
OSLO, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Some parts of nature and human society are more vulnerable than expected to climate change, according to a draft of a U.N. report that adds a new purple colour to a key diagram to show worsening risks beyond the red used so far.
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papertiger said...

with regard to "Unprecedented rate and scale of ocean acidification found in the Arctic".

[blockquote] Compared to other oceans, the Arctic Ocean has been rather lightly sampled. "It's a beautiful but challenging place to work," said Robert Byrne, a USF marine chemist. Using new automated instruments, the scientists were able to make 34,000 water-chemistry measurements from the U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker. "This unusually large data set, in combination with earlier studies, not only documents remarkable changes in Arctic seawater chemistry but also provides a much-needed baseline against which future measurements can be compared."[/blockquote]

You can't derive the rate or scale from a baseline.

The oceans are alkaline. Profoundly alkaline. So alkaline, that even with all the rains being to varying degrees acidic feeding into the oceans, all of it is smothered by the alkalinity.
That's because alkalinity is caused by salt. Salt water.

These oceanographers are saying in effect that after taking a pH test for the first time (establishing a baseline) that they beleive the Arctic ocean is going to run out of salt.

They are the worst sort of scumbag and liar. Lisa Robbins and Jonathan Wynn, cold calculated liars.