Monday, September 16, 2013


What Will They Blame The Next Brutal Winter On? | Real Science
Last year they blamed the brutal winter on missing Arctic ice. This year there has been a 60+% increase in Arctic ice.

What new ad hoc junk science theory will Hansen come up this year, to hide his spectacularly failed career?
Rolling Stone Attacks Global Warming 'Deniers' As Anti-Science, Then Commits Big Scientific Blunder - Forbes
[Alex Epstein] Nothing should be more sacred to civilization than science–the method of going by all the facts, and only the facts,to reach the truth. And nothing should be more repugnant to civilization than using pseudoscience and smears in the pursuit of political power.
How much longer can MPs resist this flat-Earth love-in? | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
A couple of years ago I decided to stop arguing with climate change deniers. It was driving me mad. Spend too much time grappling with the convolutions of people like Nigel Lawson, Christopher Monckton, Mail and Telegraph columnists David Rose and Christopher Booker, and some of it rubs off on you.
HARRIS: Restoring facts to climate science - Washington Times
The U.N. panel has been corrupted by government lucre

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