Monday, September 16, 2013


Massive Aquifer Discovered in Kenya holds 70 Years Worth of Water, May Reshape Nation : News : Nature World News
A newly-discovered aquifer in Kenya's arid Turkana region contains enough water to meet the nation's needs for the next 70 years.
Colorado State Climatologist Sets The Record Straight About The Flood | Real Science
Looks like it was a 15 year event, not a 1,000 year event. Alarmists were only off by a factor of 60 or so.
Climate change: More nonsense by The Mail on Sunday.
[Phil Plait] ...When this happens your best bet is to tune into Skeptical Science for updates. You should also follow climate scientist Michael Mann on Twitter, who commonly links to the slings and arrows of outrageous denial, as well as to those who shed the light of reality on them.
Minnesota crops not ready for cold weather -
Frost arrived Monday morning in northeast Minnesota, but spared the prime farming regions of the state -- thankfully so, because the crops aren't yet mature.
An early frost is a greater-than-usual worry this year because Minnesota farmers got such a late start to the growing season. The season that started cold and wet pivoted halfway through, turning warm and very dry.

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