Saturday, September 07, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - Mapping the sceptic blogosphere
Amelia is now in the midst of a PhD looking at global warming sceptics and has just publiished a working paper, describing the results of a social network analysis of sceptic blogs. It can be seen here.
1839 Shock News : Syria Has Been Having Droughts For Thousands Of Years | Real Science

More Warmist Integrity: Billionaire’s climate PAC hires Cuccinelli impersonator — gets detained by police |
Virginia Beach police detained a Ken Cuccinelli look-a-like at a local aquarium last weekend after employees noticed prosthetics glued to the impersonator’s face. According to the Virginian-Pilot, NextGen Climate Action Committee hired an actor to portray the Republican gubernatorial candidate as part of the super PAC’s larger effort to support his Democratic opponent, Terry McAuliffe.

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