Saturday, September 07, 2013


Outdoors: Global warming adds reason to keep boats insured - Worcester Telegram & Gazette
With hurricane season upon us, it's time for boaters to be prepared. Considering the increasingly more violent weather that we're experiencing globally due to warming waters providing more energy, we might want to insure our boats this year — and every year from now on. When the inevitable storm comes our way, we need to protect our investment.
Ice foils Jet Ski adventurer: ‘Humbled, 110 per cent’ - Canada, Need to know -
GJOA HAVEN, Nunavut – An American adventurer is promising to try again after his plan to cross the fabled Northwest Passage on a Jet Ski went the way of so many Arctic dreams — cold, wet and stuck in the ice.

“Humbled, 110 per cent,” said Steve Moll on Friday from his warm and dry room in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, after being plucked out of the freezing waters of the Franklin Strait by a coast guard icebreaker.  [Via BK]

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