Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ultra-warmist IPCC coordinating lead author Don Wuebbles openly talks about "the denialist community" and putting "the nail in the coffin" regarding the hiatus

Warming whoops: Scientists debate the falling rate of rising temperatures | Fox News
Don Wuebbles, coordinating lead author of the forthcoming report and a professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Illinois, disagreed with how the Mail characterized the study.

“There’s been a lot of playing around with this by the denialist community in the last few weeks,” he told Many people seek to spin the report and end up confusing short term planetary responses with long term ones, he noted.

...Wuebbles confirmed that the upcoming report would address the pause, something the group is still struggling to mesh with climate models.

“We discuss the hiatus and issues about that in IPCC … but we still have incomplete information until some of the new studies come out that put the nail in that coffin,” he told, citing current research that still needs to be synthesized into the draft.

Meanwhile the dozens of editors and writers collaborating on the report continue to revise it daily, he said, meaning the leaked copies seen by the Mail and have likely already changed.

“There are definitely going to be wording changes that occur before it is published," he said.
2008 Flashback: Don Wuebbles: Fool, fraud, or both?
"Too often the media wants to treat global warming as a contentious topic," [Wuebbles] said. "There is no science debate going on in the scientific community."

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