Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anybody else think it's inappropriate for a scientific conference organizer to plan to hug every attendee as they walk in?

Twitter / BoraZ
[Jan. 2011] I set up my #scio11 office in the lobby of Marriott, getting hugs from every attendee as they walk in. Target: 300 hugs over three days!
Bora Zivkovic | Scientific American Blog Network
He teaches introductory biology to non-traditional students at North Carolina Wesleyan College, organizes the annual ScienceOnline conference, and edits Open Laboratory – the annual anthology of the best writing on science blogs.
ScienceOnline2012 – thoughts about present and future
[Bora Zivkovic] Discussion about sex and gender in online science communication started before the conference, was a strong theme during the event itself, and the conversation, continues, well after the meeting ended.

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