Thursday, October 17, 2013


Greenpeace activist arrested in Russia raises alarm over Arctic Sunrise ship | Environment | The Guardian
The ship has been moored in a military harbour outside Murmansk, but was towed into the city's main port this week after an alarm went off on board. Dmitry Kuzmin, a lawyer for Greenpeace in Murmansk, said on Thursday that 200 tonnes of oil were on board the ship, and the organisation remains worried that left unmanned, the ship poses a risk even when docked. Greenpeace activists do not know why the alarm went off, and are worried that the ship has been left untended.
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.@CFACT @wottsupwiththat Nutshell: #Climate deniers think consensus determines science. Scientists know that science produces the consensus.
Carbon fraudster ordered to repay 13 mln pounds or face more jail - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Oct 17 (Reuters Point Carbon) – A British man jailed for his part in a 38-million pound ($61.4 million) tax fraud relating to Europe’s carbon market has been ordered to repay nearly 13 million pounds to UK tax authorities, or face another 10 years in prison, Britain’s revenue and customs agency said Thursday.
Argentina's Grain Crop Should Set Record - Moody's Analytics Dismal Scientist

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