Tuesday, October 08, 2013


RealClimate: Climate Change on Film
The following short film “Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives” was created in summer 2012 after the record heat wave in the United States. By his own admission, when he had finished it his film brought himself to tears.
Managing Forests and Fire in Changing Climates
With projected climate change, we expect to face much more forest fire in the coming decades.
Dessler & North Demonstrate Why Scientists Appear Clueless « Roy Spencer, PhD
Dessler and North can pontificate from their cushy, federally-funded (and Texas state oil-money funded) jobs, but to at least half the citizens in the U.S., they appear clueless and elitist. The wealth they enjoy did not come from the government, but from the private sector, which is where prosperity is created and where money derives its purchasing power.
Will Cooling Temperature And Economic Climates Finally Take The Wind Out Of Failed Energy Policies? - Forbes
If there is one central lesson to be gained from the European debacles, it is that wind, solar and other so-called “alternatives” aren’t alternatives at all in any credible sense. This doesn’t rule out special places and cases where they may eventually have legitimate, if limited niches in the national energy mix. But regardless how much money is spent to harness friendly breezes and sunbeams, the climate will continue to go on changing according to Mother Nature’s edicts, just as it always has over many millions of years before we showed up on the scene.

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Otter said...

Re: the film about the 2012 drought:

If that brought him to tears, the Global Dust Bowl era would have left him shrieking in horror.