Tuesday, October 08, 2013


BBC News - UK government's Greenpeace crew help "disappointing"
Mr Harris said "We never expected this sort of reaction from the Russian authorities."

Miss Harris, who now lives in Australia, has been working for Greenpeace for about two years as a digital communications worker.

Her father said: "She was just looking forward to seeing polar bears and never thought for one minute this sort of thing would happen."
Twitter / gp_sunrise: The Coast Guard warned us it ...
The Coast Guard warned us it would use force if necessary, including opening fire on the ship, if we would not leave. #SaveTheArctic
Global Warming is making our weather better? « Greenfudge.org
Despite slightly hotter periods over the summer, this is combined with much worse winters
CLIMATOLOGIST PATRICK J. MICHAELS & CHIP KNAPPENBERGER: ‘Had the IPCC been more interested in reflecting the actual science rather than in preserving a quickly crumbling consensus, its Fifth Assessment Report would have been a much kindler and gentler document’ | Climate Depot
'To make the IPCC projections of the evolution of the earth’s average temperature better reflect the latest scientific estimates of the climate sensitivity, it is necessary to adjust them downward by about 30% at the low end, about 50% at the high end, and about 40% in the middle.'

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