Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The IPCC Report as Ink Blot Test | NoFrakkingConsensus
What do Greenpeace and the Natural History Museum have in common? They both employ people with impaired reading comprehension skills.
Texas History Began In The Year 2000 | Real Science
Our favorite Aggie Andrew Dessler, says that Texas is drying up.
Barents Sea polar bear status and sea ice declines | polarbearscience
Barents Sea polar bears appear to be doing well, as measured by body condition and reproductive success, despite sea ice declines, which means it is doubtful if their population size has declined significantly since 2004.
Snow, blizzards, early winter in Europe, UK Met Office says horror winter predictions “are irresponsible” « JoNova
Probably most interesting of all is that long range forecasters are issuing catastrophic warnings (they are quite extreme) but the UK Met says that’s “irresponsible”, and that trying to predict the weather that far in advance is “crystal ball” gazing. (Oh really?) They didn’t seem so concerned about predicting hot horrors on longer timeframes…

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