Sunday, October 06, 2013


Clive James: I’m not sure I trust this science rock star - Telegraph
Fronting Science Britannica on BBC Two, Professor Cox visited the Royal Society and Bletchley Park in his quest for examples of the scientific method. Finally he dropped in on the Royal Institution, where he and the editor of Nature puzzled together, but not very hard, over how there has come to be an “overwhelming scientific consensus” favouring the concept of dangerous man-made global warming.

Neither of them asked what kind of scientific consensus it was if, say, Freeman Dyson of the Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies declined to join it. Isn’t the overwhelming scientific consensus really just a consensus between climate scientists, and therefore no more impressive than the undoubted fact that one hundred percent of gymnasium attendants believe that regular exercise is vital to longevity?
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Kudos to : "letters..[w/] untrue basis e.g. "no sign humans have caused climate change" do not get printed."
Stressed krill first sign of damage
Dr Roberts said work on tetrapod snails showed distinct acidification effects. ''We're finding evidence that shell structure has been getting softer since 1997,'' she said.

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