Thursday, October 24, 2013


In ad, veterans political group challenges Cuccinelli on climate change
Virginia needs a governor developing policies that make extreme storms less likely
The Reference Frame: UN's new 26 science advisers are not representative of science
I wanted to expose some details about one particular board of this kind to clarify how silly it is to think that similar political organizations boasting "science" in their names have very little to do with science as such. Similar boards are being appointed by politicians or according to political or ideological criteria and the members are cherry-picked so that it is guaranteed that the board will send messages that the politicians who constructed such boards want to hear from the beginning.
Irish Times David Robert Grimes Foams At The Keyboard…Mounting Frustration Now On The Verge Of Anger
Concedes complexity that skeptics claimed for years

Grimes also hints that climate science is too complex to be decided by the public: “Climate is a deeply complex system, not a simple thermostat.” Unfortunately this is not what the alarmist climate scientists told us for more than 20 years. In fact they told us just the opposite

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