Thursday, October 24, 2013


Obama’s Sweat Saved The Climate | Real Science
Obama had to wait until late June to find a normally hot day in DC, then quickly announced an outdoor speech about bypassing Congress to save the planet. He combined a third-rate acting job with some brilliant comments about how flat-earther’s evil thoughts were destroying the climate.

Since his speech, the US has had the fewest hurricanes and tornadoes on record, a record corn crop, and Virginia had its fewest number of 90 degree days on record.
The World Today - Wife of jailed Greenpeace activist speaks out 24/10/2013
He said it's incredibly cold. He had a day, you know, sort of in this last week where the window blew open and you know huge drifts of snow came you know, blowing in and he's only got one pair of trakky daks that he's able to wear. So the conditions are not good, not good at all.
James Delingpole: Why can't the BBC be impartial in the climate change debate?  » The Spectator
The Beeb constantly resorts to 'experts' whose arguments are bigoted, feeble, fatuous, fallacious and stupid

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chris y said...

Nothing better than some CCCP hospitality above the Arctic circle in winter to clear the head of a Greenpeace protestor.

Poetic justice.