Thursday, October 24, 2013


NZ to miss CO2 targets by huge margin, data shows - News - Point Carbon
BEIJING, Oct 24 (Reuters Point Carbon) - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are set to rise nearly 50 percent by 2040, according to new government modelling, taking the country well off course to meet its commitment to cut emissions in half by mid-century.
EU says 73 countries exempt from new aviation CO2 rules - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Oct 23 (Reuters Point Carbon) – Flights between the EU and 73 mostly developing countries will be exempt from Europe’s Emissions Trading Scheme under new rules proposed by the European Commission, according to documents released Wednesday.
1916 orange crop report - Visual Storytelling from the Los Angeles Times
According to Kegley, the reason for the record harvest was “that a portion of the orange crop matured at least a month ahead of time this year
Statement by Christiana Figueres Chatham House - 20132110_chathamhouse.pdf
400 ppm is 100 ppm more than the last ice age
Al Gore's alternate reality : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery
Environmental activist Al Gore keeps pushing his inconvenient message to cash in on climate change.

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